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  • Position name:  Business elite
    Working place:  Guangrao County of Dongying City
    Salary treatment:  Negotiable Release date:  2017-05-26
    Number of demand:
    Expiration date:
    Specific requirement:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. provide customers with product consulting services to ensure customer satisfaction and sales of our products;
    2, according to customer demand for customers to design the corresponding product plan and operation plan;
    3, grasp the potential customer information, develop new customers, and maintain good communication and contact with customers;
    4, regularly complete the company assigned to the sales task.
    Recruitment requirements:
    1) age 20-46 years old, educational background is not limited;
    2) a strong desire for achievement, learning ability, good pressure resistance, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of setbacks;
    3) sunshine, steadfast, have a dream, willing to pay through their efforts to achieve personal value;
    4) a high degree of enthusiasm and team work spirit, sales, customer service or student union cadres experience is preferred;
    5) major in marketing and management is preferred;
    6) strong communication skills, Mandarin standards, affinity, positive work, optimistic and cheerful.

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